Keep it here...Hate, hate, but fear!


have you ever heard the phrase “won the battle, but lost the war” ?


chikacrni, you are a good player, i respect that. but the problem is when someone better comes along, you bitch and make excuses and blame it on the wifi, and when we retaliate in kind you name it bullying and make us out to be the assholes. i don’t have much of a problem with you, but the fact that when i beat you, you didn’t even consider for one second i might actually be your tactical superior,but just immediately named me a cheat, really just tells me all i need to know about you. and then you brag about beating some noob guests who only just started? you are a textbook narcissist, and that is why we condemn you. with post like these, you are just digging a bigger hole for yourself.


I have heard that phrase because bulgaria won every battle against the britts, but lost the war! And you need to practice…


Chokarcrni please stop being a butthole and please stop bragging and showing off it’s bad for the community.




we could be peaceful, good hearted rivals!!


i take back what i said. i got roasted on the mongol horde channel.


just… can’t we stop this?


Yes please stop


But they were taken over by the Turkes lol


haha XD


no but seriously
this needs to stop




People like chikacrni are killing the game


the million dollar question: will he accept?


I remember when the game was so positive


he is only killing the game b/c we are making him. it ios our FAULT as much a s him. if both sides stop we could work together in a golden age, of prosperity!


Amen brother


Now let’s play a game


You can teach me some new tactics and I can teach you some older ones