Keep it here...Hate, hate, but fear!


And this started by you bullying


And this stuff is shameful


Do you see any degavoo


I’m doing this for the good of the game


Srsly guys


Let’s just forget what happened, and people can coexist together. Shurda, I don’t want to have a massive fight with you that ends in bitter hate,and toxicity from both sides. Let’s cut our losses, and no more hate and spiteful insults! From both sides! What do you say?


Yeah that is what I was saying to forget ti


Sorry wrong post


We said we would quit it in another post


I appreciate the fuel in the fire, but come at me on the battlefield!


Who was that


Player 4910 obviously


I ment was it a player we know


Don’t think so


Wow I just read the messages and no mas you really are a narcissistic prick


So how would you say I persue vanity and egoistic admiration of my self-idealised image! I need a deeper motivation! “Prick” needs no explanation, but “narcisist”’ I am dying to hear more!


As a matter of fact, after hopefully you explain your, well “prick” made it an insult (had it been only “narcisist” it would have not been one), we can get a bit deeper on the subject. I think that you are mistaking some traits that stem from elsewhere as narcisistic, and I cant blame you, it seems to be an easy thing to do apparently as they have simillar manifestation with traits of other behavioral types (had to read a bit of litterature you caught off guard with that one)! But hey…the prosecution has the privillage of laying down their case first!


Every1 just needs to stop being so sensitive this is the internet if you take any of this seriously your in for a rough life non of you see eachother or know eachother personally so there no need to get your feelings hurt if you don’t like something dont read it(simple solution) don’t reply or acknowledge it Stear the conversation to a different subject if you absolutely cant handle the subject simply press the × at the Top right corner and magicly the thread disappears


Im feeling you Centurion!


Well said cent