Keep it here...Hate, hate, but fear!


I say we are all comrades unless you are a capitalist fat cat or a hateful Nazi comrade


Yes! That’s the spirit. (Sort of)


If a battlefield fight is what it takes to make a truce, I am ready.


But not right now I got grounded XD


Aw c’mon man. That was so anti-climatic.







I understand what you guys are going for but some of you don’t fully know the situation


And this clan war we’re having isn’t going to end even if there’s a truce there’s too much hatred for it to end so quickly


This has gone on of 5 days… ITS TIME TO STOP!


I feel we are way off topic here! We need to analise further what it really means to be a “narcisist prick”, is it being a narcisist or mostly a prick! I can agree to “prick” out of Rommel pure hatred toward me, but “narcisist” I would have to appeal, as being a narcisist is a bit more complex and outright terrible! And I guess “narcisist prick” in this case would be a prick with som narcisistic tendencies which a few here including me would qualify to be at given times!

I would even say Rommel in this case calling me a “narcisist prick” could itself be viewed as narcisism in some instances!


This is never going to end


In the past days he fire has turned into glowing charcoal! But some have decided its a good idea to put haye in it!





  1. a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.


This is from Google chrome , interpret this how you chose


If you scroll up the definition is layed out allready! Its just that it lacked a motivation and thus was no more than a simple insult!

I could say something like, “you’re a boarderline personality with some psychotic behavior”, but without motivation it would just be an empty insult!

Adding “take it as you will” is almost like “this is how it is…you can go fuck yourself!”

I really do not want to insult anyone, but please ppl, communicate with each other as you will, but be carefull how you communicate with me! I keep enduring insults over and over again…and it doesnt stop!


You clearly missinterperted what I said , I’ll edit it so you don’t get the wrong idea about what I’m saying.


I think this should stop zhao but I don’t think it will


You made a good effort stopping it mein herlische herr Rommel! Now if you’ll excuse me…I’ll be destroying you on the battlefield!