Keep it here...Hate, hate, but fear!


Every great Asskicker gets his ass kicked from time to time sir


I want some of what you are smoking, Fash Basher.


Kärlek…the person is???

a) african american
b) mexican american
c) white texan from Dallas wishing he is from Houston




Battle against the Mongol hoard is…torture! Entertainment for some


Part of me wants to make my own clan…


Lol why


Cause 1 single clan is pointless if you have no enemies your just a group or people who name thereselfs the same name.


Thats why we have crini he keeps it interesting


Probably also because the only requirements that clan has are: “Just put SOF!” It has no standards, no class! Sorry…
Most of SOF members are even scared to battle and for a good player who loves action its a bit degrading being part of a group like that! I am even expecting more fallouts from that thing of yours! Especially from the players who are actually serious about battle!


I’m grounded atm so I can’t really get everything in order


Aren’t you 17 by now…?


If this is not a provocation to tear up the range lines with cavalry…I dont know what is! Very inviting…extremely…


16 and a half what does that haft to do with getting grounded?


You’re simply too old for that…Like…what are you gona learn from that that you already don’t know!? A meaningless form of punishement when directed towards an individual who is concidered almost a grown up! You feel it does your charachter any good?


Actually pointless punishement at any age! Too cruel when children are young, pointless when they are older!


Here Scipio, show this to your parents, but most importantly, read it yourself…


And as your parents are not really achieving much by grounding you, you might teach them something by explaining a thing or two by letting them read this:


No not really I just want the phone even more


My point exactly…backed up by science…