Keep it here...Hate, hate, but fear!


Maybe you should get a job then there won’t be too much they can say your the perfect age for a job


Ya but I got grounded for watching the phone to much really


If u had a job u could buy your own phone and plus your home schooled i can only imagine how board you get tell them to put u in public school to have somthing to do


No I have tons of stuff to do for classes I mean I can buy my own phone intact an IPhone X is what I can afford but I want to get a gaming PC so I can get third age total war and some other games lol plus Im probe joining the Marine Corps in 2 years and I have lots of friends the problem is I find most are not interested in war games and history and all the things I like


we got cussed out again…


Lol I played you and you were all scared…stopped you in your tracks and you just stayed there dying slowly till you had no moves then lost your balls and knees :crystal_ball::man_shrugging:t2:


You remember me haha I was a blue squat but now I’m back …:wink: Tulak hord be thy name…


Ah yes how could I not remember you…you were…blue!


I suspect ur more of a forum guy…u got that vibe


Jokes on you idk even what that means :wink:


The hatred when a player joines you in a team battle just to abandon you so he can watch you loose…

…and the disapointment he must have felt when I didnt…


I am interested in playing a PC game sir. I really like the civil war and I don’t really know how to play Rome total war.


I know a PC civil war game


Which one I have ultimate general


North n South for Atari 1080…great game



Left after getting mauled up like a back ally cat…you let him or her die too haha jacked up…


Its called war of rights if you want I can give you a company discord


The fuck is this supposed to do to me…exept the emojee shit that made me cringe