Laggy games, not able to play


I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Android platform.
This game looked promising, so I tried it BUT when I started a tutorial or any mission it would be so extremely laggy (17 fps max.) That I couldn’t move my units! I couldn’t do anything AT ALL.
Pls help.


The game is naturally laggy


Well… I had that phone and technically you can’t play SW on there unless you use an extremely older version of the game. If I’m correct, You have Android 4.2 which in not compatible with the most current release.
Could you elaborate on what you mean by mission, because the closest thing to that in-game is the practice mode.

I’m sorry for this bad experience you stated off with.



Practise mode, pvp, everything in game.


I will try the game for the pc, thx for the usefull reply dude :3