Let them be "clans" let us be a alliance


Let them define them selfs as “clans” they are savages with no loyalty to there "clan"
Today I start the Alliance League of Assassins LoA where we will be loyal to each other fight side by side and give our allegiance to each other we will perfect our battle tactics correct our flaws and will work as a team if this is how you want to role come over to LoA
Long live LoA


It would help if you could spell the word “alliance” sir

And me and the asskickers would be proud to kick your ass any time pal

Yours truly,

The Asskicker


He’s just starting.
Please refrain from trashtalking.It isnt good sport :slight_smile:

Good luck sir on your clan


Have a match with me so that I can consider forming an alliance. I’ll become an Assassin as long as I can stay in my clan. Any time PCT.


Thanks. Bro you can join anytime


I’m up now


Good bouts today. Next time we meet I’ll show you a few things. Here is some good info in the mean time:


A clan,we are a army!


Please,face us u will surely lose