Let's make a story line by line


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He reached the kingdom. He was able to gain 10000 men but he then got bad news the enemy invaded his lands he only had 20,000 men. He had to fight them. But with whom?


The Ass Blaster observed all of this in bemusement while he waited for his chance to jump on the back of the first fool to expose his flank and start savagely blasting their ass.


Xin then decided to march against them and recruiting men along the way. He found them. He was ready But he stopped when he saw another banner appear over the hill. It was…



I don’t even… This got a legitimate LOL out of me more than once.


It was the Mercenary Army, come to help King Xin defeat their mutual enemy. A cavalry unit disengaged from the main army and sought to flank the enemy forces. Ascending from the hill, the Mercenary Army began advancing towards the Ass Blaster’s lines.


As the enemy approached assblaster and his army…a loud bang could be heard…it was tulak hord and his closest friend khem Val. Tulak reached to his side and pulled forth his saber…


Xin decided to flank the enemy. He went for the weak spot at the side. Crushing the enemy.


Tulak threw his saber and with the force guiding it…cut young Xins head clean off…with the leader dead Xins army withdrew from the slaughter


How does one join this


Just post where the story left off. Anyone is welcome to join.


Thanks, domyou have times to do games set?


The Mercenary Army’s soldiers began to screen as Tulak’s Hoard shot them down. The cavalry unit changed course and sought to strike the unit of gunners. The main part of the Mercenary Army withdrew out of gun fire range as their own archers took place to return fire.


While all this was going on, The Ass Blaster crept up to General Xin’s severed head, picked it up, and did something unspeakable to his new war trophy.


But then someone crept over the hill. It was his son. With the largest army anyone has seen. He rode towards Tulak and cut him in half. Crippling his forces.


Meanwhile, up in space, in geosynchronous orbit above the battle, an Imperial Star Destroyer observed the battle. “It seems our new Sith Lord has developed his powers.” Said a man in a black cloak.


Are we starting to get Into Star Wars


The death of Xin was truly sad and surprising, but we must not let such hardships get in the way of an ever evolving story.


Is this connected to games? Like do you post what happens in ga,es in here