Let's make a story line by line


What he thought was tulak hord was a soldier he had put in his own armor as a decoy…for tulak had left for his main ship up above


Nope, this is just for fun. You can post what ever you want to.


A rebel fleet surrounds the asian star destroyer, firing on it


Xins son observes the battle. Claiming his prize. Avenging his father.


Tie fighters pour out of the Destroyer and retaliate against the rebel scum. “Darth Tulak,” said the ancient sith, “After your vacation…What do you think should be the fate of this planet?”


And as Tula looked in at the planet, he said: this is my swamp now


Before he could finish…a small group of Calvary emerged from the forest the the east…by the look of them one could see these were no mere soldiers…on the banner was a


Xins son who had evolve to have cybernetic abilities. He had become a Jedi master with 100 Jedi


His second in command, homerius simpson, looks on at the destroyer


This story is stupid


I agree, but you could make it better.


“Is that so?” Said the Sith lord as he took his finger off the ‘Annihilate Planet’ button.


He knew xins son was too powerful. He retreated.


Xin jr then created a powerful empire.


Over the following decades, Xin Jr. consolidated power, traded his saber for a Pen and became a massive political force. Slowly the fingertips of corruption crept through the morally stagnant ranks of the Empire. Even Lord Xin Jr. was not immune to the sweet spoils. One day, as Xin Jr sat on his throne, the sound of dying guards could be heard right outside his throneroom! By the time he stood, the massive steel doors flung open. A small round shadowy form bounced towrds the ruler, and as it hobbled into the light he saw what it was. HIS FATHER’S SENTIENT SEVERED HEAD! In the zombified maw of the late Xin was a lightsaber clutched between teeth; his yellow k9 balancing over the button.
“Mmm-mm-m-mmmm-mmmm,” the decapitated cranium said.
"… Wha-?!" Uttered the utterly stunned Lord X Jr.
With a slobbery expulsion, Xin senior spat his weapon down.
“Ahem. I said, you have brought me much pride and sorrow through the years. Always I was watching you in the shadows, yet my sudden deficit in mass left me too ashamed to appear before you. As I predicted, you have become powerful beyond your peers, but hate stains your mind and greed has clogged your heart. Now I must undo that which I brought forth into this world that faithful night your whore mother got me drunk…”
“That is uncalled for, you know mother was a saintly woman,”
"…You’re right… I’m just still bitter about my horse and favorite chopsticks she got in the divorce,"
“Wait a minute. Last I heard, your head was taken as a trophy by that weird Assblast-y guy. What happened?” Inquired the bewildered son.
“I really…uh, don’t want to talk about it…” the elder Xin winced. “Enough! we must now fight to the death.”
“Very well father,” and with that, Lord X jr. Drew his saber from under his cloak. The head of Xin tongued at the hilt before him a moment.
“C-could you give me a hand?” He asked sheepishly. And with a disgusted grimace the Lord used the bottom of his cloak to pick up the drool soaked lightsaber in two fingers; gently placing it in the gaping jaw of his dad’s noggin.
"-ank -ou," Xin mumbled. Once his son got back into position, VOOSH went the green stream of intense plasma blade of pappa Xin’s weapon.


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