Lets make a story line by line


Story Line by Line lets make one about rome or greece


In the port city of Pireus, located in the urban part of Athens, the anarchist organisation had been planning the assasination of the local police chief who had been in bet with the local smack dealers for about two weeks now. The plan was carefully thought out in detail and the operative branch of the organisation was about to carry it out any day now…


as they made their final prep


That night a stranger came into town his clothes were torn with much wandering he had a sword at his side and a shield on his back but a torn cape covered it and a bow and quiver strapped on to a horse as black as night and his name was Pyrus


…as Pyros was riding his black horse on the busy highway that connected metropolitan Athens, he was about to get hit by passing by cars and trucks several times! Withing fifteen minutes there was complete chaos on the highway, which at midday was allways chaotic as it was. The soda cans people were throwing at him from the car windows were bouncing off his roman antique looking helmet with a “cling, clong” sounds! Yet Pyros was advancing with his horse and his chin was high and proud as if he was leading a roman legion two thousand years ago!
As expected a few police cars arrived on the scene, and it was not only police cars that arrived, in addition, there were three ambulances and all the trucks from two fire stations! The police and firemen had to start off by forming a circle around Pyros as an angry mob of drivers had gotten out of their cars and wanted to give him a beating!
All of a sudden the black horse panicked from the approaching aggressive crowd, stood on his back legs and threw Pyros off, had it not been for the helmet, he would have surely gotten a skull fracture, but he managed to get away with a broken nose. The blood was gushing out and running down his shiny armour like a waterfall…