Look at the map I have made


I have made map for whene host a match comes


Its for like if we wana have seage battles


“Like if we wanna have siege battles”??? Sure kid…sure…we’re gona have siege battle


Sounds fun to me


Does the map editor work now?


No I think the next beta build will fix it and custom units


That is right, I’m working on making sure that the map editor, map hosting and custom units all work as intended in the upcoming beta build (was a lot more work than expected, had to rewrite parts of the matchmaking, but slowly getting there…)


Thanks, just noting that I lost access to the beta again(the testflight build expired), but I’ll wait until the next release to get invited again.


Do you play pubG bob


Is that why the patron is not active ?


If mean the old Patreon page, I’ve removed it because I’ve decided to publish the game on Itch.io instead (working on that right now). Early Access is still active for anyone who signed up, and will be active until hosting services are feature complete.


allow me to point out that your phone has low battery levels.