Look this coward runner /running bitch aka "no mass"


He again tried to run like a coward and waste my alot of time but finally I kicked his ass twice✌️



First time my battery finnished…ever wonder why a full army just fled…but hey…a v is a v…and god knows u need some v’s! And of course MIA afterwards…offline within n a minute…nowhere to be seen!


The he fact that you post a screen of a battle that finnished before it becan…and call it “kicking ass”, just shows what kind of low life piece of shit you are!


Lmao oh my little excuse master, didn’t you see the chat and victory icon on my screen …?I defeated you on two battles and that matches were won by my skills coward runner ,and you were accepting in chat that you were running by saying this "watch me gamers " you asshole


Good excuse to hide your defeat runner :+1:keep it up


Who cares. Like hosnestly.


People that play this game frequently i dont ever really see you here so you must not have a high enthusiasm to playbthis game but for us that do this is a critical problem




Actually ypur enthusiasm regards only your own game…with your own set of rules!


What the fuck is wrong with you theres rules deal with it your the only one bitching about rules is you cause u cant fuckin run the whole game sorry no one wants to waist there time on your shit tactics learn some new ones and you wont have to be constantly defeading your shit tactics


But…Im not bitching about rules! And why the fuck would I have to deal with your rules, or bitch about them for that matter! Im not even part of your…thing you’re doing! Im just having fun, playing SW…“deal with it”??? Uhmmm no thank you…I’d rather pass! Its like like somebody in a country far far way asking you to “deal” with their laws, but you are in your own coutry and dont have to…

See how stupid it sounds!


Well dont post victory screens in my thread or they will be translated to territory there for you are playing idk why you are so difficult. There are plenty that are playing so i dont need you to play i could care less its just you play alot and as i said you would be a formidable opponant but its your loss keep playing pointless games but if your not playing dont expect me to chase you beyond are first major engagement


Translate whatever u wanna translate Idgaf! In whatever language u wanna translate into!


And by the way, you games are really meaningfull…just because you use your spare time to move around avatars on a map!


And I will keep posting…just for the hell of it…


Lol exactly meaningfull to me thats why i made thethegame for myself anyone else that enjoys it is just a huge + but non the less i like this game so much the tactics are beyond great for an app this is the greatest app in the form of depth in the field of battle but the lack of shield wall or damage to range and cav because its time consuming is the only fault but i respect the ability to be able to do it but hate it all in the same hand and i wish i had uninterupted hours to play and chasing u MIGHT be fun. Territory war is ment to mimic real life scenarios but tailored to funtion if no one playes also flexibility for busy players and your tactic in real life scenario would be non existant nobody or army would chase cav and range but will to kill a general. Any rule i put is ment to fill certain realworld scenerios not to be tailored to fit my style like i said an opponant can choose to wave the time rule if he dare take the challege to face your tactics foolish as it maybe from time to time i would wave the rule. Its just nice to have an obtainable fair task to do also the rule applys to me too you kill my general i lose at the end of 15 you can then just do what you do best but if i kill your general i can quit and win and still have time to play other fun games




When a player gets beat like this…

But all of a sudden his avatar disappears like this…

…does that mean that he quickly logged out, so one doesnt get the victory screenshot??? Filled with intense anger emotions of course…well thats my guess! Thats not even leaving the game…thats like…he left Planet Earth I think!


When a dumbass thinks he’s beating you even though there not fighting back clearly disconnected and post a victory and rants about how i got beat lol dumbshit
Look at ping in lower left corner this means my device is diconnected which i didnt notice right away but im sure he noticed cause my men probly weren’t running or moving