Looking for a clan? [J.C] could be for you


They the clan J.C (doesn’t stand for Jesus Christ, It stands for Jesus Clan) was founded 19th of June 2016 and is currently looking for some members. we are looking for experienced players currently but will be training players to join later on in the year. If you wish to be a member of the J.C clan you will need to put [J.C Recruit] at the end of your name or about me. After this a match will take place where we will watch the skills and teamwork of your match and judge if you are suitable for training or skill to join the clan. if you qualify you will be given a new motto (which is the [J.C recruit] thing and you will then be apart of the clan. You will then be put into the system where we will keep track of members joining, training, joined or leaving. If you are interested please contact me through email or comments. [Just reply in some way] Thanks!!


Who do I battle with? And if I win, do I get promoted to the rank of the person I beat?


Hello Spikey here i would like to join the clan may need training may not I’m not great but I’m not a newbie either contact as soon as you can


Hi, I would like to join your clan, I have some experience. I would say I win more than I lose. Thanks


I want to join please


I want to join please


I would like to join


Please contact me if you’re still recruiting plz. :pray:


I want to be in a clan, but my clan will be the Asskicking clan, not the Jesus clan. Who’s with me?


Can I plz join plz plz how do I join


I got to church can I join


Hey bro I’d love to join you and I haven’t lost yet but I do need more experience. Your clan would be an opportunity


Can I join the clan, I’m interested


i’d like to join


I’d like to join