Make it happen Captain


Men I’m here today to discuss a very important change to the game that must be implemented immediately. In custom games commanding generals must be able to task out certain units to certain commanders instead of having everything dispersed evenly. Namely I would like to be able to put one General in charge of all of the cavalry and stuff like that.


Delegation of command ur talking about?


Sir yes sir


So you wanna asigne how many units to one general?


Sir my ideal battle would be one in which I only control the general and ride around and give orders to a cav corps commander and two infantry/projectile corps commanders


And the comanders, will they give orders to their subordinates?


If they had subordinates then sir yes sir


That’s a good idea, would be tricky to do tho. Maybe an order delay? Eg. If cav ran into a forest and got trapped. Would take awhile to pull them out? Mebe the further away from ur general. The longer it takes.


You can stop the gibberish and meet me on the battlefield and I will show an ideal game! Sir…


This is not threatening. We are discussing potential improvements of the game.


I would be happy just to ride around and tell my lieutenants what to do, like I could ride to a hill and say take this hill, stuff like that, or I could join in with the cav. I am a General so I only need one unit. It’s all about command to me.


Agreed, delegation is an important feature to be added. So is annotation.


But some of like the abillity to controll our units. amd have total controll…maybe as an ingame option but hmmm


With delegation, I mean transfer of command to another player. It already does that automatically for players that leave the game.


It would be cool if the commanding general could re route units when subordinates fail to follow orders or flat out relieve them of command and put someone else in charge of their units


I would like to have that level of control as General but would prefer not to use it


We need bigger maps too there is no such thing as an approach in this game it is like a cage match in that the fighting starts immediately it would be cool if there were more of an approach where you don’t even really know exactly where the enemy is etc


I really just want to be a General with some human not AI lieutenants under me I don’t want to be a battalion commander for fifteen units at the same time


More strategy less tactics that is the kind of game I want to play


Being able to put one guy in charge of all the cav would be so cool I would love to do hammer and anvil attacks like that but they’re hard to coordinate when everybody has an equal fraction of every kind of unit