Make it happen Captain


And when it’s a 2v1, 2 players should have a bigger army who has ever seen two kingdoms with same amount of men as one kingdom unless the countrys are like very small


And it would also be cool for units to get tiered and not have unlimited amo some players just save there archers and run the whole game and charge bonus


I would definitely like to fight at a disadvantage sometimes


It would be cool if one side could have more troops than the other sometimes


Or the same amount just different


Absolutely sir so different troops, different amounts of troops in opposing armies, different units/amounts of units allotted per player in custom games, so that one guy can control all cav etc, and maybe making the commanding general able to re route subordinates’ troops if they don’t follow orders, maybe even fire his ass and boot him from the game lol, all of those would be good


That could be solved with the buying system, one amount, different prices


That would be cool but not a different price ide hate to see the features turned into one of those money hungry games but that would be cool if donaters could have the features to add units they want to give spacific units to the players playing but can also use the current feature of a ballenced teams


…not real money cent…of course