Making Samurai Wars More Realistic


The user interface design philosophy is that micro management should be available but optional. So fire-at-will should be the default. But admittedly the aim/lock/hold-fire gesture needs to be improved, it’s currently to difficult to use. About damage change, possibly, there are many things to improve there and balancing is complex.


Runners for resupply were very common for archers. Supply wagon and camp would be awesome and add an element of defense to the game. In a campaign mode it might make sense to limit the number of arrows. If you March off to war and with 100 arrows per man, after a few battles you might be down to only a few, especially if you lost and had to quit the field. Archers that stop in an area that was being fired upon would have immediately begun collecting arrows. Also when archers are dueling they could easily be picking up the enemies arrows and firing them back, but that is a minor point and not good for morale. Archers, historically were extremely destructive and immensely valuable and hard to train.


Maybe instead of castles there could be villages or towns as a form of terrain. Castles seem more like a campaign feature, unless another game called siege wars was developed :wink:

Also I wouldn’t display tiredness since in a real scenario no one is going to say general our troops are 67% tired. It is up to the general to know what they are demanding of the troops.


True enough I guess. Castles won’t be needed then. Villages and town are good.
Tbh, seeing the tiredness level of the unit is not that bad, you can make them rest or sprint according to it.


I believe a big help to all of the introduced things would be a graphic update something like total war graphics or a little less for them with kill animations


Sir war is hell be careful what you wish for how realistic do you really want it to be?


I’,? I’m going to put my two cents in.
I believe that this game needs more user interface options. ie a openable/closeable window for units that allow you to:
Set movement speed, if you add a unit fatigue system.
As was discussed above, a fire-at-will/ manual fire toggle, with ammo. The fix is to give units a surplus of ammo to last them through a decent amount of time in the battle. Afterwards they can be used as irregular melee troops, and a melee/firing toggle, so when you move the archers to an enemy unit, they stop and fire when in range instead of charging into the enemy, unless you want them to. This adds to what you were saying about player scenarios. There’s a lot more I have, but I’m trying to take into consideration that your team isn’t creative arts or Sega, and you all have limitations. It’s just a few suggestions. I wouldn’t be posting this if I didn’t have hopes for this game.


"Build a wall."
No seriously. Walls for units to crouch behind. Arrows and muskets don’t hit as hard and troops don’t turn into disorganized blob when fighting behind it. Phalanx of sorts.


I think the manual fire should be another button or something… also, i think a multiple select option would be good.


Yeah… like units digging up. Or at least slow down and make their defense go stronger. Like pikemen lowering their weapons and become insanely strong against cav or something.


If you guys want a realistic war experience, why don’t you put on a heavy back pack and run yourselves into the ground


It’s hard to make the game realistic yet ba lancet at the same time. Because … war was never meant to be balanced xD
ThinkING about it , Mongols would bring wagons full of arrows deployed at the edge of the battlefield to resupply their troops . Their horses were lighter which could outrun any heavy cavalry and their composite bows could pierce through armor even from long distances. With these techical advantages alone they are a dominant force in the pitch battles compared to any other army at the time.This was all due to the terrain of their homeland and their war like culture, as well as the prominent people that shaped their history.

And so if we make battles realistic I think we should keep things like geography and culture in mind.
Imagine if we can pick a certain clan that has their own attributes, strengths, weaknesses and army compositions. Along with what everybody suggests so far with the ammo and stamina levels in mind.

Wouldn’t that be fun ? But haha I guess I’m image in too much.


Between charges at agincourt, boys ran out and gathered shot arrows. Often armies were short on arrows because trained (samurai) archers could fire 20 volleys a minute! Or twelve carefully aimed. Archers should be much, much more powerful and threatening because they were in real life unless a unit carried large shields. It would improve the skirmishing aspect of the game.

I love the idea of fire slowing down after 30 volleys. Archers typically could carry 40-50 arrows,

It would be cool if an archery unit moved through an area that had received arrow fire at a normal walk they would regain a few rapid fire volleys.


Nikodil I have an idea on how to make siege battles fun.

Make it so that the attackers have more units and power then do the defenders. On sandbox mode I was able to create a nice hill with choke points that units cannot get stuck on unless the controller orders his unit to go of the edge. If the attackers are given the upper hand the defenders will have to decide if they want to defend further back or hold the front line.@nikodil


How about the dailies to stop units with yours