Map editor, hills continue growing


I’m having trouble creating maps because the hill will just jump up till the top

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What do you mean? I think I understand what you are saying, but it could be different. Also you might want to make a new thread for this topic.



Sometimes it will just work and other times it won’t


Please give a bit more info… Yes, I can make a hill very high… Or if I smooth the sides of the map the floor shoots up. But those don’t seem to be what you are saying.



If I choose to write a hill and I touch a spot it will just continue growing


Same with erasing it will erase




Are you using Android or iOS? What version? And what kind of device?

There was a similar problem with an earlier build of the iOS beta on older devices, I thought I fixed it, but maybe not for all cases.


I’ve had the same problem with writing and erasing. you tap for a short time and it grows or erases all. I have a samsung j7 Android. Hope this helps


Android tablet


I can’t get a screenshot of it


Tight pass


Is that what you want?




This is how it looks


Can’t you smooth the terrain using the smoothing tool?
So I’m supposing that a single tap made that single hole. It does that on simple subtle single taps?



If I give a single tap usually it will just grow a hill till the tallest point


Wow… I have no solution to that. @nikodil will have to look into this. Does it do it when you swipe across the screen?



It only grows if its set to write \ hill


Or if I erased a hill it goes till the top or bottom