Map just green no terrain


Hello I’m a fairly new player and I keep getting just green maps no terrain at all can you help me with this problem?


What version and device are you using? How often does this happen? Do you see the units? A screen shot would be very helpful


I’m using the most recent updated version I guess and using IPhone6 latest software update. Yes I see the units just no terrain. And it happens like every 5 or so matches. Okie dokie I’ll screenshot when I play and it happens


That’s what I was saying


I sometimes ger the exact same issue as well


I’ll take a closer look at this bug later today, but one more question: What kind of network are you using? WiFi or cellular? Is the signal good, and is it otherwise fast or slow?


I’m using my data no wifi and I have full signal


I have this same problem every once and a while