Map of Conquest


Good looking victories. I like the second one. I left you with an option to make a river with that one water if you want.


Awesome man thanks yeah I’ll be getting more river for sure


6 forest, 1 field, and 2/3 for a desert


Can I claim the tile 5 tiles down from the middle


Yes you may, but first you will have to post a victory screenshot for each tile you want to claim. To post screenshots you can log onto the forum at and use the upload button.


I’d like to claim 3 tiles in the top right corner. I will show screenshots later on


Do I post a screenshot of a random match or against someone with a tile?


You can post any match you have played in. For most tiles you need victories, but three defeats can buy you a desert.


3 forest, 2 field, 1 desert


I started both you guys of with three tiles. Tell me what color you want to be outlined in and if you want to change your location. I will also need to see those first three victory screenshots if you want to claim any more space.

@Bellboy0 I started you off in the very middle going down from there. (50,50) (50,49) (50,48)

@Conqueror I started you in the top right. (100, 100) (99, 100) (100, 99)


here is my win


Awesome! What color do you want to be? And let me know if you wanted to start in a different spot?


I will be purple


another win


I will be black


Oh nice. That makes it easy for me:)


my third win


Very nice. I will add your color when you get your next territory. Can’t wait to see your nation grow. Once the map gets more claimed spaces on it I will add an update with cities and roads. The ultimate goal of this game will be to conquer the whole map I guess.


I would like to be purple if this thing isn’t still happening.


Bellboy already asked for purple, but I can give you an indigo or some other shade. Where do you want to start? I’ll give you three spaces now, but you will have to post victory screenshots for them later.