Maps not loading


I click ready. My opponent clicks ready. I hear horses and troops moving. There is no map. It does not load. It happens more often than not. Cmon man. The map needs to load. I close out the app. I open the app again. I try to join the matches that did not load. I try to start a new match. Rinse and repeat. The map still does not load.


Yes this happens to me a lot also.


Right, I’m acutely aware of this issue.

One question: when this happens, is it just that match that doesn’t work or does the whole app stop working? Can you, say, start Practice after it happened?


Hey that is the problem I emailed i about and yes u can still go into practice but not a battle


The whole app stops working


Practice doesn’t load nothing loads when it does this


OK, thanks. Then there are two different issues here, one where it loads a blank green map (networking related), and one where the battle view part of the games stops working (rendering related).



This isn’t what it looks like when I start the match @nikodil


THE same things is happening to me


Found what’s causing the freeze: It’s the rendering of deployment zones and it happens on some iOS devices. Fix is on the way, meanwhile stay out of matches with deployment and you’ll be fine. (well mostly…, there’s the other networking related issue, and it’s still unresolved…).