Mounted archers


Since everybody is all wild with the ideas and brainstorming, I have to add that the mounted archers of Japan could fire while in motion…


“Warriors were so adept at mounted archery that they could bend and string the bow in the saddle and then loose the arrow in any direction at full gallop. Because of the length of the daikyu, the longbow could only be fired effectively to the left, severely restricting its range of fire.”


Don’t forget the Parthian Shot sir


Parthian, mongol, bulgar, all cultures that relyed on mounted archery in their war tactics had archers that could fire while moving…especially while being chased or retreating! Not sure how it would affect the gameplay though! Still…I feel strongly that making big changes in the gameplay should be approached with caution!


Go big or go home is my model too much caution only serves 1 purpose making cowards out of otherwise brave men


Well you are taking things abit out of context, I am talking about preserving good features from what could be aggressive changes without a serious thought behind them! That’s how nature gets destroyed, that’s how towns get destroyed…from bad planning and careless descisionmaking!
You took this some place else talking about cowardise and bravery among men :thinking:…labeling automaticly someone who tries to preserve something existing that is good a “coward”!