Mr nice guy over here!


This piece of shit is a frequent player isnt he!? What a hero! And he even asked if I give up…gosh almost as honorable as when the Date imperator asked for a gen vs gen duell after I slaughtered his army! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::see_no_evil:

Bitch made for real

Tbh i was trying to distract you as my yari ashigaru crept up and nearly killed your general


Your yari was allready dead…tbh…EVERYBODY WAS DEAD! Exept that coward general…healthy from avoiding action!


Nah ur matchlocks killed like 1/4 of the uniy


Usually there will be 40 men in a cav unit, but only had 30


Wtf r u talking about, u were left withur gen only…whatever, kreep out of ur little hole, we can do it again, u have been mia lately aswell! SHOW UP, MAKE URSELF AVAILABLE, DO, UR TALKING ON THE BATTLE FIELD!