Mroz house of the SOF clan recruitment center




Yes that too


I forgot my password


Mroz Do you wanna Fight


I don’t think I will make a house don’t play often enough


I do not like these blobs the people who do them have no skill one time this guy was making a blob I shot at a naginata his whole army retreaded I don’t recommend blobs


You don’t understand them your probably a player that spreads his units far apart were they can’t help there other units a tight close units are key


Blobbing you’re men is bad but tight formations is necessary to reinforce your army and to win


Blobbing can also be effective it just depends on the player and there intelligence and experience I’ve also routed blobbs easily and also won with them so i would say turrain and attacking are the key to sucess


Blobbing can be effective if you’re on the offensive but on defense it’s shooting fish in a barrel


If u take the low ground. If u have hi ground and understand manuavers you can beat anyone with the blob


Mroz I decided a name for my regiment


The 1st Malay regiment also known as RMR


Or Maybe the Malay grand Regiment


Centurion beat me w a blob. the key is to blob on high ground so u can’t get hit by archers.


The only way 2 kill a blob is a mass charge. Often causes a mass rout.


Not if he has high ground.


A mass charge is very risky


You lose all your troops


Let’s not make The SOF Mroz house recruitment centre a mess make another topic about it