Mroz house of the SOF clan recruitment center


Hello how do I join?


I’m also on mobile


Just put sof in front of your name welcome aboard


SIR I would like to ask you I want to tighten the security requirements for the house and clan


What is it


We will need to have permission of all three houses to join


And the leader of the house he goes in determines his rank. That is all Sir.


I’m also thinking of A penal code and a parliament


Just add [SOF] infront of your name and get a name like say Richard Mroz or whatever name you want but add Mroz infront


Your name is Logan just add Mroz so it will be Logan Mroz


Is kefir an insult in your language little boy! And for the record in arabic, which is the language of the quran its pronounced khafir! Kefir is a russian yougurt drink!


The Turks pronounce it Kefir


Ok If u want a real insult translate this into Malay


Bodoh Kepala otak babi anjing punya sial


OMG can you guys not argue here do it somewhere else please


I’d like to join




Just put SOF in front of your name and your in name, welcome to Mroz house


Sorry I’m already in a different SOF house


Which one?