Multi select took getting stuck on screen on


Sometimes that black circle won’t go away and then the screen movement controls get weird. Seem like it happens when I put in to many inputs and movements.

The second time I plugged in my phone and that sometimes make the screen guestures go crazy. That might acount for there being two circles.

It doesn’t happen that often. Maybe only five times.

Edit 4/21

This time I was trying to take this screenshot of how to use the general to multi select the rest of the army. The game was fine until I took the screenshot. Then the multi select took was stuck.

I was able to recreate this scenario 3 times in practice. Every time I did a screenshot with the multi select tool on the screen it got stuck there. I know there are other ways to make this bug happen but I haven’t discovered how to do it without taking a screenshot.


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Oh ya that happends you have to exit to lobby to remove


Edited main post with more info.


Dont know why it happends i just know if it happend and you exit to lobby then back to game it will go away


I know. I’m just trying to outline and describe the bug so it might be a little easier to fix.