Multiple movement Feature


@SodaPop_TB_Standing @Onlizaiyain @Sparseho
double tap and hold u will see a bubble pop up like here

then u select desired units u can select entire army to maneuver or just projectiles to move them into cover or push them to get in range
after you move were you want to follow these steps to undo multiple movement Feature

  1. touch any open turrain to deselect/2. then tap another single unit to finalize(if u only deselect but dont finalize then ur army will still be selected and move when tryn to move camera or its angle)


Use this feature


This is good 4 flanking moving in unison when used properly good for sending a distracting force to flank as u attack on another end /cons sometimes causes glitching or sometimes units will reset


I have been employing it. It’s very use full to coordinate two groups.


Important stuff for new people


Look here


That will make you win battles dudes!


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Hey man thanks for the invite! I’m an indie kinda free spirited dude tho


Is this feature on the computer version?


Read this now new people


Still essential


wHaT iS sAmUrAi wars