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What music /artist do you listen to while playing samurai wars๐ŸŽถ


Hunter by kimmasitosa,


Cool Iโ€™ll def check them out !


Canโ€™t find anything on themโ€ฆ link ?


Hmm Iโ€™ll look on my YouTube history and find one with a few extra songs, I believe one mix has a โ€œwinter hunterโ€ edition and a โ€œspring hunter crossing riverโ€ edition. Odd names but trust me, instant mood to cause massive death :grinning:


Massive death :smiley:Sound brutal โ€ฆI likeโ€ฆ


Days to come by laconic spartan, the second and third songs I believe. These to me are almost utter words of tracking prey, almost sends you back to Ukraine hunting small game in the hunter, or in this case it takes me back to some time where a general stood over his reed board, marking on charcoal battle maps quickly scetched by his scouts before battle, moving his cavalry to the flanks about eight hundred paces east of the enemy pike box, forcing his missile cav to try for a charge to ensure a frontal battle in the main conflict, turning approx 15% his pike box to the east he leaves his flanks wide open for my approaching melee, he has no chance, bringing my musketeers to the southern tip of a river breaking I notice his general lying in wait atop a small hill, yeah, it takes you places when you are already in the mood for some warring. Though we all know SW battles never end this greatly since well, half my battles are either pockets of skirmishes mostly or just a huge mess where the opponent once again tried an opening cav charge, hitting pikemen and routing sending half his force away before I even knew it was an orgy of weapons on my frontal lines, or it goes horribly with them anticipating my cav missile scouts towards the back of the map, ignores them and continues without breaking.


Man what a good read made me feel like I was in a match a good match ha โ€ฆ


I checked them out honestly not At all what I would listen to playing samurai warsโ€ฆ that was more like if I was at a club with my girl but thanks for sharing dude I did enjoy it :headphones:


Ah, it reminds me of stories from home perhaps why I feel that way. But we all react differently to music, I could refer you to a few ruskii sound tracks ?


Yeah man Iโ€™m just trying to find new music def enjoy you sharing or anyone else for that matter


I often listen to punk, like the dead Kennedys, mistfits, minor threat and so on thereโ€™s so many good fast past bands that gives a good strategic mind set and a brutal one too


DK ,misfits nicee a few of my favorite bands cooL @DestacNovemberman๐Ÿ’€


Samba and Bossa Nova. It gives some calming and focus to my work.
If I have to recommend bands and artists theyโ€™d be Novos Baianos, Elis Regina, Jorge Ben (Jor), and Seu Jorge.


Iโ€™ll check them out :dark_sunglasses::notes:


Ah, a hidden gem game, freedom fighters sound track, has a few good pieces of music in it that sets the mood for extreme measures in my opinion, good for a very experienced battle with a very experienced opponent like thruzan or noramac for instance.


I have a whole playlist full of this stuff if you want to listen: https://open.spotify.com/user/wood.n.king10/playlist/2JMsffvp7zYR8GrOJytCfO