My pings are always high


I think I’ve found and fixed this now, will do some more tests and try to make a new build asap.




Small status update: the App Store update seems to have got stuck in the approval process, don’t currently for how long. I’m almost done rewriting the network/message code, and I’ll do some serious testing on it, will post more info on this soon.


Yeah the pings are sky rocketing and kicks me out of my games


Can’t play any games cuz the ping is way too high and armies disappear and the game glitches


Do you guys know what ping in Sabah means


If you put Kopi (Coffee) And ping (Milked)


Are we gonna get an update or something to fixe the game cuz lately it ain’t been working the way it should


Yes, I need to update both server and apps, it’s coming this week