Name doesnt appear-2


Name doeant appear 2
İ know there had already been a post about this issue bıt i didnt find it helpful. İ experience issues regarding my profile- my name never appears (it appeared for about 9% of the time that i tried to play and when i try to rewrite it and save changes i get back to being just “player”. İ have restarted the app many many times.
Great game btw, very enjoyable :slight_smile:

(The problem is for playing mode… on the forum everything seems fine).


Do you have or have ever apply for the beta?


No, and to be honest, i don’t fully understand what that means, :joy:
İs the beta meant for the computer version or also mobile?
İm currently using my iphone to play…
would love to play it on my mac… (i tried, it didnt work).
Thanks for replying :yum:


It sounds to me like you did not log into either GameCenter or the forum through the game.
To login to GameCenter just look for that app on your phone and sign in with your Apple account.
Another way to login is using your Samurai Wars account that you are using here. To do that just tap on the forum icon I. The top right hand corner of the game screen.

Then you simply login using the prompt there.



To play on the PC, you currently need to support the development of the game on Patreon. Essentially you will be getting early access to all the developing features of the game before everyone else, and even get to test all the new underdeveloped stuff.
Read more about Early Access here:


I play on the iPhone


I have the same problem. I noticed. That it started when I signed in with my samurai account. When I used the GameCenter account my name shows. When I use early access my account will show the name.


Go to settings and type in your name. It will say “optional”… Just put your game tag. Then it should show up in game.



That fixed it.