New beta build available (180728.1610)


Henlo developer, I am on IOS and i need beta


@nikodil x100


I know this is a beta and unstable release, but the forums take about 10-15 seconds to load up, the game screen freezes for 5 seconds before letting me play, and ive encountered same issue with the Player#3333 problem when ive already logged in, pls help


How long did it take to load the forums on the old version (170921.2048) ?

When does the screen freeze, is it when you’ve tapped Ready and is loading the battle screen?

Could you describe the login issue in more detail so that I can try to reproduce it?


In the old version, it doesnt freeze, it shows when it is loading, but the new version probably have a broken loading system (at least laggy), when I try to get in the forums, it freezes for A while and then gets in, and then freezes for a while in the forum screen and unfreezes. When i try to click out of forum by tapping the button again, it goes off forum, i am not able to do anything, and the forum comes back on. And also, the battle system is perfectly smooth and not laggy.


I”m perfectly fine with, name, username, password, and profile on the forums when I click in, but once I am in the game, It only shows player#3333.


I have came to a conclusion of the forum problem, it’s because of the new “clicking off forums to quit feature” which was not included in the old version, the feature interferes with the “clicking off forum button to toggle forums” feature.


Note that in the current beta, logging in to the game is separate from logging in to the forum. To log in to the game, use the dark gray menu with “Login” and “Help”. To log in to the forum, open the forum and tap the blue “Log In” button. This is perhaps a little confusing, it’s due to how the new login process works, but I will investigate if it’s possible to improve this so you don’t need to log in twice.




@MTF_NineTailedFox Yes, I think you’re right about the “click off forum” thing, I’ll see what can be done to improve that.


Thanks, I think the rest are just lag problems because the game needs more tweaking.


Just for your information, the poblem with the forums is presumably because of: when trying to press the forum button, the game sees it as turning on and off in one command, not toggling on and off, so pressing it cannot turn it off, the only way currently to turn off is to press out of the forums.


I cant Login like that it says incorrect password or user name which password does it nead game one or real one and whats the deal with that


Use gmail its easier


Can’t you just resett password using email


Im back on man i fixed it


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Your name isn’t popping up


Dev is online we should ask for help