New beta build available (180728.1610)


I got the invite but he isn’t listed you are you


Another clarification, the Offline / Online indicator is show to the left of the Ready button. Only “Online” matches can be seen by other players. The HOST MATCH ONLINE button only shows up if you have early access. It check for early access when you log in by matching your forum email with those of your account. If you can’t see the HOST MATCH ONLINE button it hasn’t registered early access. In that case, check your email addresses in accounts settings and try log in again.




Anf when will we be able to pay on app store


My email forum and itcho. Are the same but it still only shows offline.


I also logged out of forum and back in still nothing


Is 8000 pings even possible?



@One_Man_Army Try again, I think it should work now

@TheHorseLord I’ll add App Store and Play Store payments as soon as I can, but probably a couple of updates down the road

@MTF_NineTailedFox Ping > 1000 typically means lost connection. Do you know if other apps had any network connection? Did it recover or did you have to restart the app?


He looked like a question mark to me. It was super laggy and eventually I lost connection. Recently, the game will just crash right away rather then freezing first. Don’t know if that helps.


Yes it’s working now thank you


Read from the top broski


Hay it wont take me to page of itcho


I have amap


Lets go


For some reason it won’t let other players select ready when I try to use a customized map


Yes, you’re right there seems to be some problem with custom maps, I’ll check that out asap


Alright thanks and I want to let you know you did an outstanding job with this game especially this custom matches


Can i pay using a pre-paid debut card on itchio and if not when will this be available to pay with playstore account


That is what I used


Perfect ima go get one soon