New beta build available (180728.1610)


Yeah I think it’s like 1 credit for every dollar
And I think a credit is good for a week or a month something like that


A week or month cause i thought it was a 1 time thing so you have to keep esentially refilling account


Could u add me to the list?


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I could be wrong tho


I’ve fixed the custom map hosting and just made a new build: New beta build available (180731.2044)


I’m on iOS can I be on the list?


Add me


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How do i get these dark spots off my map they mess units up i cant make a hill without thes darker areas even if theres no major slope they apear on ground and wont go away please help


Have you tried the pointer finger tool?


Ya it makes it go away but apears somewhere else


I remember encountering this. It definitely needs some development. The only advice I have is to be very careful, lol. You have to change the terrain height and use the smoother. Some holes get started on lower layers then are impossible to remove further up.


The dark areas represent steep slopes that impassable. Best way to remove them is to use the finger tool to smooth the elevation. (My to-do list has a task for improving the finger tool as it doesn’t work as well as it should.)

If there are holes that don’t go away when editing elevation, those are probably small pools of water. Try erasing water first before editing elevation. (And thanks for reminding, the tool should do this automatically, I’m adding this to the to-do list.)


Thanks its hard finding them all it makes it difficult to battle new players expierenced players are fine but theyfew and far inbeween othewise rare.


@Quanza56 at post 5 :point_up_2:there at top of page click itchio link


This needs more accessibility. The games too good.