New build of iOS/Android/Web beta (170701.1511)


@Kgboy02 Try clicking the Maps button the first thing you do and see if you can load one of the maps


Ok I will.


Sign ne up for beta


May I please receive an android beta? I saw better FPS for newer devices, ZTE Max Duo 5.1 lollipop, runs everything else with 60+FPS, hopeful that maybe this beta update could um…beef me up to more than 20FPS average…


On the galaxy s8, whether in full screen or not, some command buttons are cut off on the top and bottom of the screen


There should be a beta signup button on the Play Store page,
or you can use this link:

And if you would report what FPS you get with the beta, that would be very helpful, thanks!


That sounds a bit odd, it shouldn’t do that. A screen shot would be very helpful.




That is not the latest beta, I’ve done some layout changes since that version. Try installing the latest one and let me know if you still have this problem:


I’m all good on the button layout stuff. Thanks.