New spear Featurs2existing spears


Mabe u could add an additional feature 2 1 of the negerata spears mabe u can highten the feature that allows units 2 pass thrw units and mabe make it so they cant run threw so easy slowing them down dramatically allowing other units to attack if thy charge reclessly or it could disrupt there unit formation like the pot holes or water makes units stringy n slow so that when the end of battles happen u dont have to chase archers around 4 an hour and we can have a stratigic placements of unit n funnel them 2 spears like cattle in sted of some long cat n mouse game that frustratingly drag when thy clearly have no chance of winning that is caused when archers just run threw ur units i dont know anythng about code so i dont know how hard ths would b but if it was a simple change it would add another layer to ths great game allowing4 stratigic relavent placements of units if u did ths to all spear units it would ad another demension 2 ths game that would rival that of total war most people that play are not familiar with the multiple movement Feature that is required to win against a skilled player 2 newcomers its not realy clear there is ths feature and most fail to figure ths out and most amateurs think there spears are gonna create a wall so thy spread there units thinly not knowing that we can run right threw them with minimal loss so if there spears only spears acted as stop guard 2 slow our units or disrupt units like the pot holes on maps that cause units 2 be disruped unless u go back to the front of hole ur unit would stay disrupted n slow it would make more skilled players of amateure competiters creating more fun n better opponents of every player cause not only will there archers be a threat but so will there spears when ur able to beat alot of people it becomes harder to find a decent game and
can make people not want to play and makes it a little bit boring during slow periods i like 2 chrge and i understand the multiple movement Feature well and most i defeat only chause i can charge but if there spears messed up or slowed my form i would still charge but more cautiously adding another layer of exitement and statigic thought 2 my formation if ths causes to much code change its completely fine and appreciate ths game just the way it is there is no other game like ths exept total war. But thats only on pc but i thnk a video tutorial 4 basics on multiple movement and basic Featurs and link to youtube that lets people show u how and what they do 2 win givn people an idea of wht there doing would help so much I’ve gotten a few people to download app and they were quickly put off by the complexity and lack of understanding and moved units 1 by 1 quickly being beaten but if the spears were more or a problem 4 every other unit but still weaver the same as they r now they would have some chance even if they sent them 1 by 1 sence u would have 2 attack spears with other spears causing some damage 2 ur own valuable spears and any other unit would only be effective against spear atacking from side or flank if they tried attacking from front the sword unit would still win agianst weaker spears but would take long in killing them exposing them to counter attack when tryn 2 push thrw them giving other units a chance 2 attack n regroup but the sword would kill spear unit as fast as u can now attacking from flank or side so they can be defeated exept the nigarata sence they r the stongest would make them even more of a threat but making the 2 nigarata spear have the wall feature might make the waiting period longer in between matches so mabe there wall power would b weaker or non existance so u can still keep game flow decent if only skinny spears had shield wall would add a great stop to the cat n mouse games towards end of games not that its not fun when someone still has chance but when they have no chance and r just running to just run n u cant stop them cause ur units just pass through thm with no or little damage to units u can win but takes 4 ever i under stand the cav getting through with little damage but archers should be heavily dameged or cause a little unit disruption so that they r slowed at least 4 a few micro seconds at least giving persuing inf a chance to catch up and whn were persuing are cav should be able to slow down archers heavily rather thn bearly slowin and dameging them even if u had half ur cav unit vs an archer each hit should kill there units at least a good chunk i once had to chase an archer 4 20 minutes i had half a cav he had full archer unit 20 mins only killed half of his entire unit u can win but takes extreamly long


omgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmmgmgmg i actually like a 300 page speech but this is impossible to read maybe add paragraphs …


Much to say for correct spelling sorry im not 1 for correct grammer on games and stuff but it would make it easier to read


i battled you before and its impossible to to battle with a computer well maybe its possible but extremely hard