New youtube channel for this game


I was thinking about making a youtube chanel for this game if you would watch it pleas pleas post if you think its a good idea


What would the channel post?


Battles of this game


yes i diffenitly would watch it somewhere in title u should put H.S.C so they can c are clan and battles how would u record games though and i was thinking of creating different factions of H.S.C that would represant all mager races like asian ,hispanic ,black and middle eastern and indian players will still be part of clan and the better of each race would battle the best of other race. Players can join whatever faction they want or join a neutral group no spacific race that way people can represent there race and be the best in there fraction to create fun compition between members or does this seem a little racest not tryn to be but might kinda sound like it lol


Rather not do anything with races, the idea about putting H.S.C in the title would be kinda neat. It would kinda represent the clan. But it doesn’t seem any other clans are active.


The race thing sounds pretty optimistic, far fetched and a little bit stupid, shouldn’t really make sub clans out of different races, creating a divide especially with races. There wouldn’t be a equal amount of people for the different races any way, and if there was it would be pretty stupid, when you could organise the clan into different groups based on skill level, creating ranks, or creating sub groups with a range of skill level, not by racially segregating the clan.


ya thought so i understand ur view thats y i asked since we are all part of clan just thought it would be like olypics exept i couldn’t put all the countries on but races would be easier and to those that didnt want to be put in a race would choose neutraul like armies in the past were built with different races in the same army but im not gonna do it but im tryn to think of things to create healthy compition being there are no other active clans to compete agianst so im currently brainstorming so i any1 has ideas please reply


Just get some other elite players to create a clan. it’s seems there are other clans, just not really active.


easier said then done clans require more dedication then most are willing or can give this game, ive tried to get it done but theres only a few elites that have profiles and they have no intrest and these pics on are clan page are custom made there not extremely hard to make but take a little time and many elites have no desire to do any of this so i must figure out something with the members we have as you are the only ones that showed intrest in clans there alote of new people that download game then never play agian but the ones that seek clans are here i wish there were other clans so that i could battle with but unfortunately there aint im hoping someone does though


Guys I record withgame screen recorder but I was thinking like I would talk about the battle that I record and you guys could send me vids about battles you fought and could tell me what was going on so I could talk about it


Yeah man, I’ve been wanting to record some battles lately too


Hay are you paladin bob on total war


have u made the youtube yet or no


I’m going to start posting videos on this too soon.


You all seem to be very interested in keeping this game alive
Your ideas are all very good in all . However your ideas have not mentioned a way to grow the game, people outside of the game don’t know about these competitions
I do not know of a way to spread the game around, but I think that the only way to create good strong competition is to bring people to the battlefeild who have not been in it before.
I have no social media and I am unable to establish communications with others effectively, so you all will have to run the spread of this game around… once again I think the ideas are good but I think we are looking in the wrong place


well bringing people and advertisement is the creaters function we are the community in the game, ment to give the game a storyline, ingame tasks and what ever you can creativly think of to do with as far as forums, my focus of clan is to make the players that have intrest in ths game being, at first is extreamly difficult and complex but once you figure it out you realize how basic and simple it actually is but anyway my focus is to get players that have enough intrest to stay around to be more challenging by explaining and helping in the learning phase and teaching them the tricks n techniques to this game that all of us elites already know. most people download and never play again so ths game is only made for certain people that enjoy ths much depth and control in a game with so many layers


Good for marketing of the game aswell


Guys just made youtube channel check it out subscribe hit the bell icon and like go


thats ah cool intro but ru gonna feature game play


Of course …