Newcomer to this game


Hey guys I’m new to this game. I’m getting the hang of it and have developed a few strategies that I like but I was wondering if y’all have any tips to help me improve. I understand to improve I must play. And practice. But do y’all have any tips to get me going. To be started. And also about clans. I think it’d be cool to join a clan and I was wondering how to do that and if a clan would accept me. Thanks guys :))


The ironhills could use a man like u. Will u join us.


The Ironhills leader is very committed , that would be a good clan to join.

As for strategy, my best advice is to group your troops in a tight formation right away. Don’t let them overlap, though or else they will take more damage from ranged units. Never let your archers get too far away from the main army or an experienced player will pick them off.

Initially you should keep all your troops together, except the cavalry. Get good at controlling your main army as one group, while harassing with your cavalry.

For more advice search the forum for “Tactic” subthreads.


I have three strategies. Divide and conquer. Flanking. And the triangle. So far the best one is divide and conquer


Visit ROOKIE MISTAKES in forum under tactics good tips remember to use the multiple unit movement feature read the forum those r the main mistakes i see that can improve ur play its the strategy that took months to find out but once u do only other real good players will b able to beat u


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There’s clips on YouTube from the last tournament

RED👁EYE Took out kse in the end but was ruled a draw due to tournament rules