Not letting me add players to custom matches


Someone help me with a step by step please Felix hope you remember me…


It didn’t recognize that you had hosting access because your early access and credits were registered on your old account. I’ve transferred them to your new account, and you should now see a button HOST MATCH ONLINE that you need to click before inviting players.


It took me weeks to figure that out


Where would it showed?. It does not appear after pressing the play button or anywhere else I can see.


Try Change Profile to logout and login again, and let me know if it’s still doesn’t show up.

It should look like this:



Btw, there’s now an Account menu item, where you can check the status for your account



When can we pay on play store


As soon as it is released. For now it’s (


How much for like a year?


It will be $3 a month


@SOF-Tonito.Daxion heres the link