Occocoria is a faction even if I am the one member


Well it seems this game should have one faction or two that refuses to disband due to no members, eight year vet of almost everything needed in these situations called by clans. So why not, anyone can join if they wish to, otherwise I’ll still be here.


My advice: just wait , or to speed up the process just do something stupid and say it’s just a prank bro


Honestly I took the name from a growing micronation already, now that’s pre entitled by myself as stupid, I have a flag image from that micronation and a pre built set of laws taken from it as well. Basically I am doing this to show the community that not everyone has to close doors and go to the mercenary army within days of formation. I mean let’s open some new doors for possible growth here, let’s let in some light even if it is just a tiny ray.


I rember when there was too many clans you couldn’t keep track and now there is one


Amen. Now it seems there is no room for new factions as well, the merc army constantly takes all new available room. Kind of almost kills the whole RP or clans thing


Just start joining the biggest competition and try to even the playing field


Trust me, I have eight years of what would be needed to out smart and out talk am opponent on multiple fields. The only reason I haven’t already stepped to plate on merc army is that I am getting about 17FPS, with a device able to play console games…