Oda clan fight for unity


I think I remember not sure but you have my alliance


Ok ill let him know rn k his phone died so hell talk to you through mine




So you are he?




I remmember joining then i said that i couldnt be in the group cause i wanted to biuld something for myself or something like that


Then my brother saw and said this looks like a cool game and i just gave hime this account and made a new one


Now I remember


Sound right so far?


K jist making sure my brother plays more than i do now im just his leader


And dont worry ill be on tommorrow so i can deal with my army


Do you play pubg?


If you do look for FHAM OK


No not any more I takes up to much space


Dear Oda
I accept the alliance I hope we can become good friends.
Usually I’m not on be of school but if I’m not talk to lotus


Unity.exe is not responding
Shut down the program?
[yes] [no]


I thought you sadi that i was “unimpressive”


[No] response is to vertile… System override


…this recruitement will last for long!


Why cuz no one will join ot what