Off-topic posts ( memes )


I’m warning you



IM CURRENTLY A MALAY BUT^^^^^…you won’t like me when I’m turk durıckulum



DEFEND KEBAB.defend kebab defend Islam


Whats the problem!? Stop ranting and come to your sences…


Hey Crni watch Rucka Rucka Ali Savege song lol


Shut your mouth u peasant I have tons more respect for muslims than Bible Belt white trash like you! Just the sound of that makes me sick and shows how endlessly infantile you are! Don’t look for allies here!


If you would even remotely understand that meme, you wouldn’t like it, but your limited grey matter is not functioning on that level!


And if Hail understood it he wouldn’t have that reaction, had higher thoughts of his intellectuality!


Hey hey I understand the meme I’m not a normie I just rolling wit u cmon mate.if you got almost triggered like me.извињавам


Радио сам тзв ранте да направим мем


Ох и интелектуалност је виша од иросјечне ик из кине


И даље смо брат?


Also don’t forget to check Soviet Propaganda made by me translated and transliteration


I thought, “hey maybe I am wrong, maybe I should hear it, maybe Scipio is not an infantile, were my words too harsh???” And the conclusion is that my assumption was correct and I beg you…dont ever suggest anything for me to listen to or see ever…ever ever ever ever ever again! Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever…mothefucking never ever!


I wasnt talking about the meme shit bird :laughing:


Hey man I like the parody plus the guy is a turk lol


And if you guys want a meme war here you go first asult 06da95b916ea36c22b695ed14ab55b63b4d66ca6643549543ca5ad4bb4a10911

the_most_offensive_memes_that_the_internet_has_to_offer_640_11 oprah-for-president-2020-with-harvey-welnstein-asvice-presildent-oprahweinstein2020-30107986


That’s some edgy shit