One more coward runner


As you all can see he had no chance of winning but still were running and wasting my time .I respect those peoples who accept their defeats because it’s a game and in game we loose sometimes we win sometimes but not like him who knows he can’t win but still were running like a bitch and were barking and lost his honour and respect I want you all to see him…
And also sorry for my bad language in that screenshot :pray:


U only complain…stfu


Sorry I forgot to mention you .“the king of coward” runners ,he is one of your kind.


In some cases there may be a strategy involved but when the match is over like this and the opponent has no chance and is still running its literaly the biggest problem in the game and wastes both peoples time


Yes exactly mbkkr that’s what I wanna show


But some coward runners like chikacrni can’t understand this because they know only running


ppl who do that need to learn how to at least have some dignity when they lose


Yes as I said to that guy in chat don’t loose your honour by running


I like peoples who fight with dignity and honour but I hate runners like him and chikacrni,who knows that can’t win the Battle but still runs like a bitch and waste others precious time


Again he tried to do same


He is a pretty good team mate though


Same as this guy


He’s a camper and coward too


I would rather prefer a noob as a teammate but not a coward like him bro

Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)

:japanese_ogre: :right_anger_bubble: Ha ha idiots

Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)

Actually “Allmighty” is the only one I have seen camp against players who dont even know how to play…many…many times


How many times have i had to bring ur ass off a hill and still had to chase u ur worst Then a camper cause u camp and you actually run after i manage to get u in melee on your comfortable hill f Fuckn​:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::sob::sob::sob:


Naah…u just started playing like a provocative asshole once u got smashed too frequently…that all…dont lie


Provocative ?? If u mean charging u then ya i did cause i got tired of after are initial impact if u were losing u would run making me chase u forever if u regrouped and still faughtt i would play u more slower but ur tactics are anoying i tried to understand ur logic but i just cant respect it


Ur stupid enough to lose ur range n cav…nuff said…or u get mad and squat for three hours