Page is full. H.S.C History and its start


i finally beat the great hilios aka nox now there is no foe ur general has not defeated in battle atleast 1s

H.S.C clan members
General. centurion
2.Scipio Africanus
6.Ethan Okami
reply is the little gray arrow on bottom of this post 1.u must have profile do that by login in or creating a login account click top right message box then click login 2.u can personalize your screen picture by going to samurai then upload screenshots or any pic u wanna post the app upload doesnt function only google website does 3.the clan is ment to give the game a little military structure and add a rank system ,im experienced and can help with basics and funtions by sending personalized screenshots 2 u and help u on ur journey to being a difficult opponent to battle join my clan build familiarity with members play on teams find a member u play often with and build timing and chemistry together n make are clan strong, execute battle plans together and be a team to not be fuckd wit so have fun and try to give every enemy your best whether you win or lose make it a gg play and play often battle as much as your schedule alows and represent are clan well in this ficticious relm and use the little men that live and die in this game to the best of your abilities so that the fake little men can go home to there fake little homes and kiss there fake little wifes cause they survived the battle now they live there fake little lives lol a little poem for u


How can I join


the clan or screenshot leaderboard?


you are exepted if u still want 2 join u can practice with me i will battle u to test u we can battle other players on teams im pretty good so if ur inexpierienced i could show u tactics if u want once enough people join clan we can battle other clans let me know a time we could battle if u want


I wanna i in


Wanna play now


fooly ur in welcome to the house of soldier clan aka H.S.C i was thnking mabe we should put H.S.C at the end of are names to represnt and bring notoriety or maybe in biggining so people will ask wht ths means and possily recruit for example H.S.C centurion my name urs would be H.S.C Fooly62 either way if u put it on ur name or not ur still in set a time so we could battle if u have any questions on a certain thing ur having trouble in im pretty experienced so i could give u tips if u keep getting beat also we can double team so we could practice maneuvers and attack statigy


Thats wats up an we can. Any time


Not just let me no wen u ready


Can I join


Ok thats cool


:shinto_shrine: RED :eye: EYE :shinto_shrine:


that was a good battle i sent my cav 2 ur spear instead of archers by accident due to ur constant moving and spread formation whic which most people cant use effectively or any1 i should say exept maybe me n u but thats alot of micro so i tend to stay away from but u masted it after cav died it was down hill after that i had u but u made a great recovery but a few mor battles n i got u maybe but i bet no one ever weakens ur army like that u have many units but there all battle worn to less then 1/3 of ther size on scale 1 to 10 what is my level its hard 2 tell cause there r only a few elite 2 realy know


Ok how do i no they r rank


Yes you had me surprised at first …never underestimate your opponent

That is true… you are a very skilled samurai
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Centurion I Wana join


Sorry I can’t battle tomarow I can just use it on weekdays and weekends


Hay why haven’t you let John Hodge into the clan


cool thats perfect see u saturday or friday for battle