Page is full. H.S.C History and its start


H.S.C I mean


I want to join


Hi guys how are you doing?


to all my clan members i will not be playing 4 a few days due to cracked screen but when my new phone gets here ill be playing see you all in a few


HI, can I join your clan?


And my discord name is YamamotoKansuke#6111


Hay can I get all your emails so I can send you discord invights guys also go watch the vids I posted


Ill beat every singhle on of yall in here. Let me kno if yall wanna get ya ass whooped lol jk all love


For real tho who wanna play


Thank you for your approving. Iā€™d like to learn to fight and win.


Yoo lemme in I beat oyour officers regularly


Hey I send amessage to you


To all my members if you spectate and c me lose to a less superior opponent, i recently got a new phone and it creates alot of lag and glitching not sure why i think my processes speed is slower causing phone to glitch and lag


Also i cant upload so i cant change rank


How Do I join


I put ur profile up now we must battle


Hay Whhzi can I have your discord tag agin I deleated discord by acsident


Hey u should do another battle best of 3 for the great one cause that battle i faught with him it glitched if u notice my range are extreamly exposed and i never do that a glitch kept me from me from fixing my units and my range wouldnt move they kept glitchin back to the front leaving them exposed ive beat the great one many times the glitch just wouldnt allow me to manuaver and use my range effectively so i just charged the hill some units glitched and didnt all move on charge


Hay cent can I get promoted


Sure just practice the qualities of an optio read the list in bigging of this page it tells u how to climb ranks read were it says optio