Page is full. H.S.C History and its start




Goose will you be in the tornament


Pretty proud of myself from that win.


Goose will you sine up for tornament for top q0 best players


Hello, i would like to join


May I join


U show all the characteristics of an optio


I don’t now how to change my username


I think u can do it on website click ur image.on top right then go to little preference circle and change ur name just add H.S.C Thn click save changes if it wont change on app try website app is buggy


I didn’t see an option to change my username once in preferences. There isn’t the pencil that is there for the profile picture. Is it that it doesn’t let you change it twice, because I was on the name changing thing before, though I didn’t actually change it.


U cant change your user name only name u just click on the letters in name then u can change it


Everyone seems like a optio to you cen.


Ok goose :+1: wht u thnk he is, do u wanna rank people n just tell me wht they are i just play people. How they play and the way they control there army is how i rank thm. n i got different ranks so how do i thnk evry1 is an optio ur not n optio


Oh n slaughter im removing 4rm optio i battled him again n told him ima lower his rank cause it was luck at first.but i forgot


Do you mean where it says your full name. If I do that then it won’t show outside the forum unless the opponent taps info I think.


nevermind about the last message, sorry


Hi i Want to join the clan


I beat my anciant enamy


what happened the next game? i’ll wait…


I beat you again, you beat me the third time. So it’s technically 2-1