Player based economy


Samurai Wars is my favorite game since chess. It is rare to find games that are so true to their intent. The community that has grown around SW is also genuine. I have been seeking a way to further enrich the community and would like the input of all who are interested.

I agree that a conventional leaderboard is not a good way to rank players in this game. Tournaments would be a better, but they are hard to organize. Roleplays are fun and easy for the community to create, but they are hard to moderate and not appealing to all players.

I propose a new community mechanic: an economy. If there were some sort of currency that reflected victory’s in battle many possibilities would be created. For instance, clans could sell ranks, have a joining fee, or monthly tuition. Roleplays could offer rewards. Currency would be traded by betting on matches.

A lot more thought needs to be put into this idea, but I don’t think it will be that complicated. I think this idea could work well with the spirit of the game. A currency only has value if people believe in it. I have another tournament idea in mind that might lend itself to this endeavor.


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What do you mean?


Very interesting idea. As you say, currencies work on the belief that the the notes or coins are backed by something material, i.e. something of value that you can trade. An economy is based on trade, what kind of trades could be added?

The design goals for Samurai Wars goes against any kind of pay-to-win, or any other scheme that prevents equality between players. Skill (and sometimes luck) should be the only factor that determine victory.

On the other hand, gaining experience points and unlocking new units could be a fun mode of play. That could work as a special kind of “campaign mode”, not to interfere with the usual sandbox mode. Adding an economy of trade to such a “campaign mode” wouldn’t be that hard, because you could design special trading rules and resource limits.

But I think what you have in mind is something broader? Like a global economy, and not a special game mode?


Multiplayer campaign :slight_smile:


I was thinking of something disconnected from the actual game mechanics. Trades that could be directly involved with the game would only be cosmetic, like colored fonts for user names. The main purposes of an economy would be to add some structure to forum playing and create a ranking system based on “wealth”.

Clans could benefit the most. Being able to purchase ranks would encourage players to find a means to acquire more currency. People who start roleplays could offer rewards as an incentive.

The source of the currency would offer rewards for simple task (five victory screenshots). If the simplest transaction is based on winning battle, I imagine that players with more skill would acquire more wealth.

The trick is how to balance an economy so that it can accommodate more people without creating inflation or poverty.

That said, any person, on this forum or elsewhere, can create a currency. It’s value is always subjective. I tried this once with victory points in the Champion’s Hall, but it was too time consuming to manage.

My next tournament will be similar but more focused with an economy in mind: It will last a month. All players will have one “point” upon entering. Players bet points on matches. Matches may be 1v1, 1v2, or 2v2. At the end of the month whoever has the most points wins.

I’ll post it later, I just hope it’s not to complicated.


Maybe make an in game currency not effected by the real world, and give everyone 5,000 or something of it whenever you get around to creating a campaign.