Player2101 looking for my peasant


Today I played more than an hour against my peasant who was only running away from my troops. I went for a steak and I won obviously.

Wherever you are, come back to die again.


What troops were you and your peasant left with! If u had taken a screenshot we have had a better chance of fighting the fellow!


True, well, at the end, he was only about 12 horse men against 1 spear unit , 1 archers and 2 swordsmen.


As he told me , he was living at his parents basement and has no problem on running all the time to break a record.



Was he chekered with brown normac fought a guy who ran


I hate teh runners


Let them run why punish a bunch of freedom fighters




Cos if u leave like a pussy then they win


Never had that problem of leaving I tend to cut them off fairly easy

I have been in matches where they have cavs left and I only melee warriors

So It can get f frustrating but not until there is set time limit games

All is fair imo