Players should be ranked


I don’t see a ranking component in the game. It would be nice to see what level player is flushing me like a :toilet:.


This game is very unique , simply because thereally is no numerical value between players. Anyone could be defeated at any time. The enemy just has to make the right decision during decisive moments. And because strategical and tactical planning is needed to obtain adequate conditions for the highest posibility for victory , same could be said for your enemy because he will try to use his own tactics and strategies to defeat you in turn .

We can then safely assume that , along with terrain , matches would primarily revolve around Strategies, tactics, counters and a bit of luck .But let’s just say that General A can beat General B , But he can not defeat General C , however, General B would lose against general A but win against general C because his method of waging war greatly suits as a counter for the tactics of General C. Who then would Will have the highest rank?

I am not completely against your Idea for having a ranked system available. However , I am against measuring a general’s ability by a number. Because in this game anyone could win , corcumstances arise that changes thhe balance of power, so it might not be easy to assume that an 8TH ranker is weaker than the 1st ranker because by technicality the 8th ranker still has a chance of beating the 1st. But what about rank’s 7-2 ? If 8 could beat 1 then does that mean 8 automatically jumps to 1 ? If so then that means that the ranks would change frequently and it would there be a inaccurate list.


Thanks for your reply. I agree there is something very realistic in not knowing the skill level of your enemy.


The general that would be the top of number 1 would be the general that can adapt to the most tactics and strategies and counter them with flanks and etc


There was once a ranking system based on the ELO rating system. This system is generally consider to be reasonably fair in rating the skill of players. One problem was that it applied to all battles, which discouraged non-competitive play, like training, experimenting, or just-for-fun matches. (The other problem was that it wasn’t cross platform). I’m planning to reintroduce ELO ladders later on, making it an optional element for those who prefer competitive play.


Implement it asap if possible


Even just recording a record as in win,loses, and draws

Doesn’t really matter in rank just keeping track of a win/lose
Record would be fun

I would love to know how many bouts I’ve been in


W/L ratio
= godlike


I think this idea of a ranking could be very interesting. In fact it would be lake a commander,s reputation on the battlefiled.


Imagine all the agreements lol “oh I’m higher !” “No I’m higher " " Well so cuz I …cuz I …cuz I take drugs and I’m higher !!!”

No jk that last part!!lol :sob::sob::sob:

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I believe it would be nice if you could unlock different units depending on your level


Though I agree with fireweaver, do think that some kind of ranking system would be nice, not necessarily a top 100 player list but like something to show off, and tell others that you have sown some pretty amazing achievements in your time.

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As mentioned earlier, ranking could make people take more seriously each match. I don’t mean this in a positive manner. The friendly atmosphere in the SW comunity here could be altered by introducing these little ranks.
It could be better if an achievement system was created. It is still a good way to show off (And personally, I am a big looser, so showing off how much I suck wouldn’t be too kind XP).


There is an achievement system


Where? I have never seen it -which doesn’t mean it’s false-. How could I find it?


Shows up when u click your photo in the right corner and if u look down it has stuff like u commented wich is a achivement and people can look you up and see the achievements you have


One is “first like”


But those are forum achievements mate. I meant like gamecenter achievements.


Hi all. I love this game.

I played the original Shogun: Total War and have been waiting for a game like this again for years.

I think, if it was possible, it would be good to have a friendly game zone and a competitive game zone. In the old Total War there was an ‘honour system’ which basically ranked competitive games. I’m not sure of the mechanics of it but your honour would go up/down depending on the honour level of the player you beat/got beaten by.

There is room for both friendly and competitive matches in my opinion.

PS. Anyone from the original Total War series playing this game?


PS. Anyone from the original Total War series playing this game?

Nope, had no idea there was another game like this o.o

Friendly and competetitive game zones

Totally agree! The game must grow a bit more before we can make 2 game zones tho :l