Plz join the sw tournament


Guys if you are reading this plz. Join the sw tournament. This will be a fun activity among us generals. The prize I’ve heard for winning this tournament will be free early access. Plz look at its page and follow the instructions in order to join. Even if you are not great it will be a good learning experience. There will be many great generals you can learn tactics from. The starter of this event is thurzan. A very nice and very skilled player in the samurai wars community. This is just a fun causal event to have some fun in this community. Another prize is you will get a tag of (champion of tournament) in the official discord for this will take place this April on a point scale.if you are the champion a lot of respect will be brought to you. Once again I would like to thank thurzan for allowing me to be apart of this and for hosting it.

King of cavalry


Come here Come all ,
I dare you all,
To take the climb to the top,
To seize the throne and take it,

Accept the challenge,
accept your fate,
join now before it’s too late,

Let’s see how far you make it,
let’s see what steps you take,

Will you do what it takes to make it?
Will you strive to achieve what is great?
Will you be able to climb to the very top?
Is that your fate ?

Its now your time to prove that your the best
Winner gets early access

GL HF all


That is damn well said man. Good job @Fireweaver32.
Everyone, here you go SW Tournament - April 2017




I’ll join the new tournament if we can completely go back to the old version


You can go back… Just uninstall beta.



Yes staunch asslicker, Felix says he will release an update so u can wait for that, or you can just uninstall the beta now but be ready to lose ur saved maps if you do that, so take screenshots I guess


Lol u beat me to it


He just released the latest beta version. Lol… And it’s lit



I meant release an actual update since it’s a release candidate build


Yeah… that’s the latest beta.