Practice game more fun


Constant run option on the opponent would actually make it quite fun and challenging


or faster one level after each full round


@nikodil i think a tap to run feature would be a great way to make a game more intresting when a person tries to prolong games by running it will make both parties work for a victory and whoever whants it more will rain superior


I dont understand what you mean?


There already is a run button


Thats what am saying…I think he means something else


I mean like constant tapping to make them go faster so there isnt just 1 speed its like whipping the horse to make him run faster


Well sometimes you got to wip the horse


It would be too easy, players like us would have it on auto almost all the time!


If you have it on auto it would run as is ifu tap u speed up


I just dont like the auto part…I prefer the tapp or command button…


Perhaps a run mechanic like that would be cool. Mebe a forced march? Could go faster but would hav 2 sacrifice morale.