Problem with latest version


When I tried to place the red soldiers this happened
They all break instantly


If you had a battle going on before you placed them and red lost. They automatically retreat because they lost.


^ indeed, I will fix that


Also on a side note you can place units outside of the map.


Except for the fact that I’m still having problems with growing hills


And they all die


If blue lost I was still able to place more and even if red lost I was able to place more till they broke​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Also because the game has red as my enemy I can’t control them completely like which side to face or if they should run etc…


You can actually change the direction of which enemy units are facing; By having a feel for where the arrow normal is. (It’s invisible) But I was well have not found it possible to make them run.


OK thx good to know


I actually just got them running by guessing the spot they were heading to and double clicked it


I’m having crazy problems with the selection I select one unit and everyone comes an u change back to the old version???

I tryed a siege battle and it selected both teams and it got chaotic


Please try to write in full sentences so that we can fully understand what you are trying to communicate.



I select a single unit it selected both teams and everyone started moving if u look on the pic u see the archers well they all ran into the steep hill in back of them which disorganized them and I had to tell them one at a time to go back to their positions and it selected the entire team …and I just exited right there (this is in sandbox mode)


Sandbox is currently just a first step and a quick hack to get it up and running. It will need some work before it gets smooth.

But regarding selections, are you having problems with them in online mode too?


We need full control over reds in sandbox


The new version is absolute trash and if you have to ask specifically what is wrong with it I guess you will never know Bc it only took me about thirty seconds of gameplay to Become completely fed up with it


Frankly I am just about ready to throw this game out of my country


Then leave if you can’t explain what’s wrong… Because that’s what is required of you when you download beta